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Both films diverge from the book, as do all screen adaptations, at several key points. With the exception of Mattie, all of the characters—both good and bad— in the film appear to be hardly distinguishable from one another.

Throughout the film, his rambling, difficult-to-understand discourse makes him a character set apart from others, so thoroughly collapsed into himself that he can barely communicate.

I am imagining a Deakins lensed Gattaca. Steinfeld is an absolute wonder in the film, more than holding her own with superb actors such as Bridges, Matt Damon and Dakin Matthews as Stonehill. The guns in the movie are unpolished and rusted by what seems to be years of overuse.

Not every single moment has equal entertainment value, there are times when the pace slows down a bit, something that affects the Hathaway version slightly more, but both remain quite good throughout. The casting is inspired. She is clearly lead and I would not be surprised if she popped up in the lead category at the Oscars.

She is an accountant for the family farm, was brought in a decent family with a Cinematography and true grit of privilege but also experienced in hard work, and has lived through the death of her father. But True Grit also drew extended families: I was already eagerly awaiting that one but now its high high on my list for I remember reading something to the effect that Deakins might shoot only one more film for Coens on film and that was before True Grit came out.

The ticks, the responses to questions, the glares and stances, all of these, even though we see less of them in the early goings than in the version, are very, very well done and layer the film in rich emotional depth.

His counterpart Halee Steinfeld fairs very well. If Deakins chooses to continue shooting digitally it would be because he thinks it produces better results and not because his hand is being forced. The success of the film by Joel and Ethan Coen has surprised pundits and led, yet again, to predictions of the return of the Western.

She just went for it. I remember during the directors round table last year Tarantino said when the time comes when all theaters are digital he will stop making films.

Joel and Ethan Coen, on the other hand, choose to bypass much of the early chit chatting in favour of some more concise storytelling. There is an attention to detail in body movement and glares that surprised me. His snarling is less theatrical, his diction more unpredictable.

Ranger LeBoeuf is also provided a more thorough introduction and at first even rejects the notion of becoming partners with Cogburn and Mattie. One of my favorite scenes is when Mattie tells LaBoeuf, with a gleaming, school-girl look in her eyes, that she chose the wrong man to go after her father's killer.

The success of the film has led to a revival of interest in the Charles Portis novel that inspired both the classic film and the current Coen brothers production. Ditto on Fiore and Avatar.

It is not just the costume choices that encompass the films revisionist intentions. I concede that might be part of the point: The magnificence of the camera-work in a scenic sensecoupled with the beauty of the Elmer Bernstein score, will always take my breath away.

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The images of True Grit are as romantic and autumnal as its landscapes, which, in the course of the story, turn with the season from the colors of autumn to the white of winter.

The settings look like they are filmed in southern Oklahoma. It was just playing possum, waiting for the Coens to come along and rouse it. The gung ho attitude and immature sense of righteousness fit the character marvellously.

True Grit is an adaptation of a novel by Charles Portis, which was already made into a film in by director Henry Hathaway, starring John Wayne in the role that won him his only Oscar.

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Their craftsmanship is a wonder", and also remarking, "The cinematography by Roger Deakins reminds us of the glory that was, and can still be, the Western.

Labeouf annoyed Mattie at first, and of course she resents him for the spanking incident, but as the story progresses, she sees how much of a man of honor he is and that though he looks like a rodeo clown, he really is a hero. I think he could've flexed his muscles a bit more.

Where Wayne was portraying what happens when one of his typical heroes ages and gets cranky, Bridges is simply inhabiting a character.

In case of True Grit, it is 14 year old Mattie Ross who has been wronged. The next morning after she sees him, they talk in her bedroom.

Of course, I am easy; I love westerns and I am on a first-name basis with this story.

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As the movie unfolded, it became increasingly clear that Bridges had other things in mind. Dec 12,  · Jeff Bridges, left, in the role originally played by John Wayne, with Matt Damon in a scene from the new version of “True Grit.” The Coens and their longtime cinematographer.

A Closer Look at Roger Deakins’ Cinematography for TRUE GRIT

Cinematography - Danny Cohen Actor in a Supporting Role - Geoffrey Rush in "The King's Speech" Actress in a Supporting Role - Helena Bonham Carter in "The King's Speech".

Oscar front-runner The Social Network scored six nominations, but was still behind Black Swan with 12 noms, Christopher Nolan’s Inception with nine, the Coen brothers’ True Grit scored eight.

Page 1 of 3 - True Grit - posted in On Screen: I was lucky enough to catch an advance screening of True Grit last night. It's a great film, with some of Roger Deakin's best photography to date.

A beautiful opening shot, a beautiful closing shot and everything in between. The photography is reminiscent of both No Country & Jesse James at times.

The Coen Brothers want to have their cake and eat it, too. They apparently intend some of their adaptation of True Grit to play believably, and some of it to reflect the ironic distance for which. True Grit is a handsome film, with Roger Deakins' burnished cinematography and Carter Burwell's stirring score setting an elegant stage — which the Coens then populate with world-class.

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