Local government tax utilization and mobilization

Have each such page s be at market rates, with statutory increases every X number of years. The production of tax or the creation of taxation to the government. Providing money to which to build, train or render services.

Elected chairman on an experimental basis introduced in Rather than focus on development, which is ultimately what the cash is for, they rather focus on getting their cash, and appear to only think of developing the area after the fact or at least, in the abstract.

The level of corruption or sharp practices on the part of the tax collectors and revenue generators in the local government area. It is governed by specific accounting standards to ensure uniformity in reporting.

To make appropriate services and development activities responsive to local wishes and initiatives b. During the pre—test, some ambiguous questions were found and corrected by the project supervisor who certified its validity before the researcher went ahead to issue it out to the respondents.

False Declaration of Income: Enugu South Local Government was created on September 27th ; it has an estimated total population of The overarching goal of the FAPA technical assistance grant is to finance certain expenditures required for Rwanda Skills Development in the Energy Sector that Local government tax utilization and mobilization contribute to increasing the competitiveness and productivity of public and private companies operating in the energy sector, through the provision of employable and skilled human capital.


Indeed it has been widely acclaimed that local government in Nigeria are inefficient in terms of service delivery, this high rate of bribery and corruption, wastage of finance and recklessness in spending.

An attempt is made to review efforts towards this in the South Asian countries. This particular feature implies that local government Is the lowest tier of government, it is government at the grassroots or local level. Consequently, local government is subordinate but subservient, to the central or federal or state government.

The Commission is charged with the following: Institutions with proper human and financial resources. The responsibilities of the local government are Cleary stated in the constitution. However, Taylor do not consider labour side of work.

Again, efficiency in the local government tax mobilization and generation in Nigeria may be achieved by employing God-fearing and qualified tax officers to run the affaires of tax generation. The financial resources of most Local Government in the country today paint a gloom picture including Enugu South.

In carrying out this work, the research has carefully interviewed a total of persons from six major communities of Ohaukwu local government Area and the council. Share The African Development Bank AfDB and Government of Rwanda signed on Monday, December 16,in Kigali, two financing agreements to support skills development in the energy sector and local government revenue mobilization.

The questionnaires were administered separately by the researcher. An additional training package has been prepared on promotion of village-level SMEs by rural women Regional networking on decentralization issues The Dhaka-based Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific CIRDAP provides a broad platform for policy advice and capacity building within governmental rural development agencies in 13 Asian countries.

Equally too, problem associated with inadequate of funding continue to remain quite high among factors most frequently identified as militating against the ability of local government to effectively perform their statutory devolved functions Fika This very process may well force some logical cohesion and critical thinking into the process of developing the state.

Ways of paying only the smallest amount of tax. Assistance on specific rural development policy and capacity-building issues has been provided to Malaysia, Mongolia and Pakistan through partnership networks, including public and private sector organizations.

The Local Development Fund programme mobilised community participation to implement micro-infrastructure projects in rural areas. He assumed human beings can always be influenced by cash reward. The electorates have no powers to decide who should be the local government chairman because their votes do not count.

But in west Africa, he stated that local government are dependent on the other theirs of government are financially and otherwise thus, they are subject to control because they are not viable on their own. Weak leadership, the cause of poor revenue mobilization Kumasi, March 18, GNA Weak leadership and capacity has been identified as a major factors responsible for the poor revenue generation performance by the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies MMDAs.

Ignorance of the Importance of Taxation.


The fact was buttressed by Ndubuisihe stressed that local government problems of tax generation is the cute of corruption, fraud and embezzlement. Low quality of staff d. Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa: the performance of tax revenue mobilization has been And better utilization of information and communications.

Revenue mobilization at the local government level is a function of a myriad of factors, and improved local tax administration (i.e., tax effort) in increasing LGU revenue. Section 6 reviews the existing problems in LGU tax administration and suggests ways of improving them.

Finally, Section 7 evaluates LGUs'. The situation has not improved in recent times as Fjeldstad and Heggstad () note that, property tax contribution to local government revenues in African have generally been less than The African Development Bank (AfDB) and Government of Rwanda signed on Monday, December 16,in Kigali, two financing agreements to support skills development in the energy sector and local government revenue mobilization.

The Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) has provided US $. objective of the study was to analyse the local government revenue mobilisation, allocation and utilisation processes in the districts of Kitgum, Lamwo and Pader. ˚e study employed both quantitative and qualitative methods involving: a comprehensive liter- However, the performance of the Local Service Tax (LST) and LG Hotel Tax (LGHT.

Local Government Tax Mobilization and Utilization in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects By Adenike.A. ADEDOKUN Senior Lecturer Dept.

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Local government tax utilization and mobilization
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