Term paper on am modulation

Term Paper on Application of Analog Modulation Techniques

Your VI is now complete. Many techniques such as carrier recoveryclock recoverybit slipframe synchronizationrake receiverpulse compressionReceived Signal Strength Indicationerror detection and correctionetc.

These formats are defined in greater detail in further pages of this tutorial. The circuit that is commonly used has a diode that rectifies the signal, only allowing the one half of the alternating radio frequency waveform through. Modulation methods[ edit ] Anode plate modulation.

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History[ edit ] Demodulation was first used in radio receivers. The same year John Ambrose Fleming invented the Fleming valve or thermionic diode which could also rectify an AM signal.

Demodulation of AM can similarly be undertaken in a number of ways. The rectifier may be in the form of a single diode or may be more complex.

Many natural substances exhibit this rectification behaviour, which is why it was the earliest modulation and demodulation technique used in radio. Experience with diversity essay law essay festival eid ul fitr images single parents essay, my favourite teacher essay in kannada arthur birling essay plan, 27 madde dissertation.

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Using a lower bandwidth and providing more effective use of the transmitted power this form of modulation is still used for many point to point HF links.

This is equivalent to peak detection with a suitably long time constant.

What is Amplitude Modulation

These mean that it is used in particular circumstances where its advantages can be used to good effect. Fessendon invented the first AM demodulator in called the electrolytic detectorconsisting of a short needle dipping into a cup of dilute acid.

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One of the terms that drops out from this operation is the original information signal, which is selected and amplified. Such systems more often attempt a radical reduction of the carrier level compared to the sidebands where the useful information is present to the point of double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission where the carrier is ideally reduced to zero.

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The resulting output will be the required amplitude modulated signal. This system was pioneered by Hilmer Swanson and has a number of variations, all of which achieve high efficiency and sound quality. The first detectors were cohererssimple devices that acted as a switch.

Amplitude modulation

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Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. • The term Baseband refers to the band of frequencies representing the original signal obtained from the source (or Base). AMPLITUDE MODULATION(AM) Amplitude Modulation (AM) Changes the amplitude of the carrier signal according to.

Amplitude modulation, AM is the most straightforward way of modulating a signal. Demodulation, or the process where the radio frequency signal is converted into an audio frequency signal is also very simple.

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Quadrature Amplitude Modulation or QAM is a form of modulation which is widely used for modulating data signals onto a carrier used for radio communications.

It is widely used because it offers advantages over other forms of data modulation such as PSK, although many forms of data modulation operate alongside.

This paper gives information about the procedure of an AM radio receiver circuit implementation as EE (Analog Electronics Laboratory) course term project.

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First, a. Amplitude modulation (AM) is a modulation technique used in electronic communication, In all such cases the term "modulation index" loses its value as it refers to the ratio of the modulation amplitude to a rather small (or zero) remaining carrier amplitude.

Fig 4: Modulation depth. In the diagram, the unmodulated carrier has an amplitude of 1. Home Essays Amplitude Modulation - Paper. Amplitude Modulation - Paper Now, we can define another term k such that, k= Am Ac () Amplitude modulation or AM as it is often called.

Term paper on am modulation
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